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The Newton's Window Math ChallengeS

Math is a course in school, and math means homework and boredom and drudgery, right? Well, not exactly.  At Newton's Window, we've got another idea.

We put a great challenge for all students or families to try in each and every issue (free!) of our Newton's Window Newsletter of Learning Tools and Tips.  Read it, try it, and send us your response.  You could win a great little prize, or a great big prize.  Teachers, encourage your class to try and send in their responses. Parents, encourage your kids to try, and send in their responses.  You can try it too!  Winners can be any age!

And we have put some great challenges, here on the website.  Enjoy!

The NEwton's WIndow Great Math ChallengeS...

We've compiled a bunch of excursions for you to help you discover the math beyond your textbooks, and help you deepen the learning of the math within your textbooks. ( The answers to one challenge are at the bottom of the next).  Whatever your math knowledge, whatever your level, try them.  They are designed to

get you thinking ... 

reinforce math skills and ideas...

expand on what you learn in school ....

give parents and kids things to explore together...

and make you tough.

boy_desk_thinking.jpg (49754 bytes) Parents and teachers, encourage your kids to give these a try.  Just as we take them to concerts and museums and ball games and library programs, let them see there's more to math than homework problems.

  Try the Challenges with your kids.  Don't worry if you don't remember any math, or don't have a clue.....  If your kids have to lead the way, they won't mind a bit.

One important thing to remember about math problems: they are supposed to get you thinking.  They're not supposed to just jump out at you, or be derived from following a few steps.  Kids need practice thinking.  They need to know that thinking takes time.  They need to learn not to give up when it doesn't come easily.  The greatest thing you can teach them is to 'hang in there,' and keep thinking.  Let them know - let them know - let them know that this is the way of mathematics.  And that now they're doing MATH.

Have some puzzlers that you like, some challenges that really got you thinking, that you'd like to share with us?  Please send them to us, and we'll post them so our readers can give them a try...

Begin the Challenge.....

(bookmark this page and come again and again!)

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Math is tough.







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